too much electricity, nothing doing

i sat down (well, i have been doing nothing but that…) to draw the above sketch yesterday evening.

i was thinking of the oil spill photographs by Benjamin Lowy, USA, Reportage by Getty Images for GQ, which recently won the World Press Photo 1st prize in Nature: Stories category.

i managed to look at the entire gallery because of the rain, which shed the load of the load shedding. but after a point, i got restless…what am i going to do with all this ELECTRICITY, now. i had finished two movies and didn’t want to be glued to the tv anymore. when there’s electricity, i sort of don’t feel like drawing..coz i feel like i am wasting electricity…but yesterday, there was just tooo much of electricity. yes, yes, it is highly dilemma(tic). but to continue…

there is so much violence in the photographs this year and so much war and hate among people. it was just too immense to look at the images in the  news…dead bodies everywhere. it’s too much, really. the mexican drug war…was the most gruesome to me.

and so as i went browsing, i saw Lowy’s story, The Gulf of Mexico oil spill which happened in April 2010. His photographs are stunningly beautiful but of course, it also carries the story of a huge tragedy…and that makes them so should look at this photographs. the patterns are amazing, but they came at a huge huge cost…and that’s something these photographs will remind you of.

another story that i liked was Daniele Tamagni’s The Flying Cholitas, Bolivia. Yes, it’s quite violent when you come to think of it, but it’s funny too. Women dressed in skirts and wrestling. i love the photograph with the awesome flying kick!!! check out the sports: stories 1st prize winner Adam Pretty’s portfolio.


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