very fishy…very very fishy.

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the other day, i woke up early (since there was electricity) and began a origami marathon that went on for a few hours. i made several fishes, hearts and other creatures. it was valentines day so i had made these hearts to give to my friends. and so i give away fishes too…many many of them…three goldfishes, shrimps, crabs…etc.

with my leg still not okay, my friend comes to pick me up at home. and i go out after a whole week into dear old kathmandu. it is the same, of course..but yes, in the week since i sprained my ankle, the micro bhada had gone up by one rupee.

so i wanted to have cake and we go to ND’s, which is pyacked with people as always. and lo and behold, i get REAL FISHES instead, as a gift. oh my goodness, i was seriously very very red coz i was laughing all the time and pulling out more of my origami fishes on the table of ND’s with three guy friends sitting around the table. and instead of that, i actually get TWO REAL GOLDFISHES with a bowl and food supplies! it was such a weird weird coincidence.


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