the left foot

let’s say that, at the moment, i am really inspired by my left bandaged foot.


11 thoughts on “the left foot

  1. Great Work!!!
    Loved the way how you incorporated the patterns and the embroidery work.
    By the way, your toe-nails could use some nail polish…..;-)
    Get well soon!!!
    * Take care about that foot and other bones during the ‘concert’ thingy.

    • hahah thank you. the tiny patterns got so tedious by the time i was half way through!!! and i was doing it in candlelight and so i wasn’t even sure what colors i was actually using. it was a pleasant surprise to see it the next morning.

      • I know just how tedious they can be….I used to stay upto 2-3am to finish my college assignments.We had to submit like five A2 sheets every week in pencil(H6/H2/H/HB/B2/B4) and inkpens(0.5/1/2/3/5mm) . By the time you’re half way through the patterns in the night; then all you start seeing is the pattern itself. We also used to do Tofocopy(not Photocopy)…know this??

  2. I studied Architecture Engg, diploma levels @IOE here in ktm. Tofocopy is actually copying completed drawings(done by other students)when the submission deadlines looms upon u. The trick is to light a bulb under glass pane over which the originals sheets are stuck, again a new sheet will be fixed over the drawing….and then u just make ur own lines over the drawing, the light bulb makes the drawing appear clearly while copying.

    • TOFOCOPY! that’s what you call that…tracing with the help of the fluorescent lights… hahahahahahha. i have done that too, but i sure didn’t know it had a name to it! hahahaha…i guess i didn’t know coz i didn’t study architecture..although i would have liked too…it’s way too technical for me..although i do like technical stuff as well..TOFOCOPY…hahahahha…i guess you learn new things every day.

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