bryan adams ‘pre-base’, ‘post’ torn ligament and ‘Pakku’

sure it was one of a kind ‘Pre-Base’ party, which started only a few hours late. it was weird, honestly. i only went because i wanted to see sabin rai perform. the last i had seen him was at jawlakhel ground in 2005, i think. oh my goodness! i was shocked to say the least…i don’t know how to describe his clothes. here are bunch of pictures. i shall try and upload the video as well. it is worth the watch. oh, btw: it was supposed to be a PRE-BASH for bryan adams, and they misspelled it. hahahaha.

we only stayed to watch four songs by sabin rai…his moves were i don’t know…strange..marilyn manson ra green day mix bhako jasto. very very strange. i like his songs. but his clothes and performing style..ko chahi aja comment na garnu parla jasto cha. enjoy the pics.

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so, all i have been doing at home is read books and draw once in a while. here’s the latest pattern that i finished today.

a trip to the doctor yesterday morning revealed that my sprain was not just a regular swelling. he poked at my ankle and i went OWWW. and he said, “oho ligament tear bhayo jasto cha, x-ray gari halum pahila.” and so i go and do the x-ray. and then he pops it up on that white batti bhayeko screen and shows: you have torn ur ligament.

now, i wish i could boast that i am a very sporty person and had an accident when i was..say…playing rigorously at the badminton court of Chandol Yuva Club. but i haven’t even been down there. i just watch people play while waiting for the micro.

i got up from the chair (like i mentioned previously) and realized that my left leg had gone to sleep. i tried to balance myself but couldn’t. and i was taking a step to get back on my chair but i lost balance and twisted my left ankle. my cousin comments during breakfast: yesto ta kasaiko pani bhako chaina hola. khutta nidayera ligament tear hune…

my left foot has a history of its own. i just checked my left foot’s x-ray of the accident (yes, i have my x-rays) that took place 10 years back. it was a funny incident:

i was getting off the car from the back seat and my uncle, who was driving a new maruti zen, thought that i had already gotten off and drove off the car, but in fact, i was in the process of getting off ….and THUS! he drove the rear tire of the car over my left foot at Bishalnagar. i remember that we were returning from watching the chinese acrobats that still come to nepal each year.

now, luckily…i didn’t break my foot! it was a miracle indeed. the rear tire of the car, with people in it, ran over my ankle and i escaped with a huge swelling.

the doctor then had joked: WELL, DON’T STAND BEHIND CARS FROM NOW ON. hellloo, it wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny to me even now. but he had warned: if you had broken your foot, it would have fully recovered. but now you have permanent tissue damage. CRAPPP! he was obviously correct since my left foot has suffered ever since.

***doctors give me funny advice. i got rash on my skin when i visited my village in 2009 and it wouldn’t go away for so long. i show it to the doctor and he points out at a note in my card: maile tapailai pahile bhaneko hoina, tapailai insect bite sanga allergy cha bhanera!!! (he was my doctor when i got chicken pox in 2004) and along with a few malams and pills he WRITES on my card in his very legible hand writing: AVOID INSECT BITES. ***

kya taal na betaal ko kura k…mosquito net lagayera ghumu kya ho…

in the past 10 years, i have sprained my left foot many times. the second funniest, after the one that happened the day before , took place in college.

we were having a nepali get together at our apartment and everyone was dancing. as i turned to go to the kitchen i fell and twisted my foot. it was so funny because my roommate caught me yell and fall in a video. but, the party stopped after i had the fall.

last year, at around this time, i had once again sprained my left foot. bichara…kati pida. and now well – it’s no longer a sprain but a ligament tear! kya dikka lagdo. but to give me company at home is PAKKU!!!!

whoever named him Pakku must have had thought a lot to come up with creative names for a new puppy. there is ‘Puppy’, our outside the gate dog (she’s not our ‘our’ dog, we just give her lunch every day), now we have Pakku, the inside the gate dog. Pakku is less than a year old, but he’s huge.

he’s weird. he got here three days back and he doesn’t walk around the house, he just RUNS everywhere. he was scary the first night, but he’s recognized the people in the house by now. he jumped on me when i got back from my check up. reminded me of wendy, our dear dog who passed away in 2009. i dearly miss her now becuase Pakku reminds me of her. :-(

but here’s Pakku for now…we already know his favorite place in the house: The kitchen door!


5 thoughts on “bryan adams ‘pre-base’, ‘post’ torn ligament and ‘Pakku’

  1. first of all, yes, avoid insect bites. it’s a very reasonable recommendation because you know, the rest of us, go after insect bites. we rub our legs with sugar water to attract them, but you, you try and avoid, la?

    ani, i’m sorry you hurt your foot but i’m not sorry your posts are longer

    and also, that pattern you did is INSANE. how long did it take you??

    i don’t know who sabin rai is (about to yotuube him, don’t worry) but his outfit and moves need to be like PG 99 i think.

    • well, the pattern…it took me a few hours. but i was really silly and started the shading with a 0.5 lead pencil and that’s why it took me hours. the second time i used a drawing pencil (2B) which took me much less time.

      • i think i like how little of your reply i understood … but i gather 2b pencils are better so yay! also today i’m looking at the other drawings (sketches?) you’ve been doing and it’s insane. the one of your foot … is that a rug nearby? bc it’s got insane detail!

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