more patterns

inspired by the lion (lions like statues) at the entrance of basantapur.  their necks have have semi circular patterns. made my own version  under the candle light. k bhanne, aba load shedding is 14 hours from  today. congratulations to all of us, bhannu parla.


5 thoughts on “more patterns

  1. Do you think you could develop this one into a deceptive 3-D pattern?? Try and use some graphic software at first and after u figure out the shading areas, style and tones do it by hand.

    • hmmm…i don’t know how to use graphic softwares. i am really backwards in that sense, so i stick to color pencils, crayons and pen. i was thinking of shading it actually, with ink…coz i love to use ink. i think i’ll do another one with it and see how it turns out. thanks for the suggestions! :-)

  2. Hey Kanchan…
    I am sure this is the Kanchan I know :):) Wow what a wonderful blog you got..I started with your lep wala writing and here I am trying to read everything….great going….commenting on this particular one because I loved the sketch….katti creative…

    • hehehehe. agya diiiiiiii!! i miss our nepal yatayat bus trips…holding on to the slippery bar and swaying through the traffic of the summer evenings. thank u for ur kind words. hahahahaha.

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