did you hear, we have a (new) PM?

never mind, i am not going to write about jhalanath khanal or any other PMs or that wiki leaks has been nominated for nobel peace prize..eh!! what’s coming to this world? btw, nepal’s population has doubled in the last 50 years…writes natgeo.

forget the ‘news’, i write this as i am in the newsroom and the tv’s been on all day long. so current events aside, here are my personal updates:

1. I GOT MY BRYAN ADAMS TICKET: after going around new road twice and a  few phone calls, me and BibAk (as he lives and breathes), finally found Manakama Development Bank tucked away in one of the odd places of new road, opposite to this nandan mithai pasal. no thanks to all my dhokebaaaz friends…for backing out from the concert. i hope my 2000 rupees is well spent.

and so i was showing off my ticket to one friend at maha boudha. we’d  gone to buy  some dvds. i set my bag aside in front of that military  luga paune pasal, which was  closed yesterday, and pulled out my  ticket from my bag.

lo and behold, this random guy in the street comes and takes the  ticket from my  friend’s hand. I instantly react: OOO, DAI MERO  TICKET HO YO. MAILE DUI HAZAR  TIREKO!!!! he’s casually replies:  hernu matra la ko…and i feel like a fool and get all  red  and  embarrassed, because by then two other fellows had also gathered to  look  at MY  ticket. UFFF! thank goodness, my ears were covered by  my curly hair. they  were  probably so red by then.

2. HOURS OF WALKING: so in the past two days, I walked along the ‘bridge’ of Singha  Durbar. It’s not a bridge actually, but when i was a kid someone told me that they used  to store the country’s rice grains underneath there. and i don’t know if there is any truth in that..but i used to have this vision..of sacks of grains underneath the road. well, there’s nothing but few tea shops and convenient places for men to pee on one side and the other is tyo license test place.

i saw a man walking across the testing zone, zipping up his pants and buckling his belt! MYAN. people don’t have the least of moral sense.

i was walking in a leisurely pace and it took me around five minutes to reach from one end to another. the sidewalk is just the size i would like all sidewalks in kathmandu to be. it’s not too bad of a walk. before, every time i went to baber mahal revisited, i used to make one big circle and walk from sundhara through tripureshwor and thapathali and then come back from singhadurbar and shahid gate to sundhara. but it’s shorter to take the singha durbar way and besides, the side walk is so much more pedestrian friendly.

now, i think of sujan dai’s painting when i see THT’s huge hoarding board and the crooked iron bars…

the hours of walking incorporated one from dallu to babar mahal as well.

3. DID YOU SEE TUNDIKHEL’S NEW COLORS? orange and blue! hello, who gets to decide the colors? the ‘concerned authorities’ or the sponsoring paint retailers? uggh. look at ghantaghar! i don’t know what they’ll do to dharahara next. i was imagining some cool mithila paintings though, patterns of fish and peacocks!

talking about colors, i absolutely love sujan dai’s new painting in black and white: whose city is this? I like it more than any of his works at ‘Let’s talk about art baby’, because there is so much in that one painting alone. for one, what is there captivates me equally as to what’s not there…just like Suina Karnali ko by Karnali Natya Samuha..Suina Karnali ko was a heartache because of the 10 minutes of the play which showed reality…the rest of it is just fiction, which isn’t there in reality.

i find compositions with plenty of negative spaces very interesting  and perhaps, it is why i am drawn to the new painting. empty spaces  are as much as important to me because they play a role in defining  the positive spaces. rest of his paintings are all filled from top to  bottom and corner to corner…but this one, i enjoy the placement of  the shahid gate to how the dog enters gradually into the painting from  the top left corner. and how the feet of the dog echo the feet of the  crowd at the other end. what i would like to do, is scramble up the  three and see how they  would look if you were to change their order  or flip them around, up  side down. that would be interesting to see,  eh?


2 thoughts on “did you hear, we have a (new) PM?

  1. so you’re going?! i’m not sure if i want to. i think i’ve been to like two concerts in nepal and i swore never to go to any musical event in the country again (except for sit down stuff that can squeeze in all of 50 folks – ahem, kutumba bahek) because i really didn’t like being smashed/fondled/cornered … but maybe the 2k is the trick. i don’t know. i don’t know. i feel like going bc heck this is the first, dareisayit, WHITE OH SO PHEMUSSS star, and then i think of everyone who’ll be there just to say they were there and then i decide i’d rather not be around that kind of people since that’s what most of kathmandu is made up of and then i can’t decide. all to say, i should just scrap this comment, but i won’t bc i typed it and that took serious effort …

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