basantapur inspired

i think some bhai called out to me while i was heading out of work. i thought i had heard my name, but when i looked back he didn’t say anything and i couldn’t recognize him, either. i am bad with remembering people’s faces, but i don’t have face blindness. i hear that it is for real. that there are people who have face blindness, they can’t remember faces re. hmmm..that is very scary.


5 thoughts on “basantapur inspired

  1. faces aren’t as bad as names. i’m impossible with names. my dad tells me to figure out a way to fix that bc it’s true, it is awful when someone calls you by your name and you resort to nepal’s golden key “eh dai … sanchai”, though that’s always my saving grace! =D

  2. The brickwork arrangement that you’ve sketched is actually called the “Herringbone Pattern”. Arranging the brickwork in this specific fashion increases the lateral strength (rigidity).

  3. faceblindness, what a loltastic term, my friend told me once when i was drunk i shouted for my other friend Nawal and when he stood in front of me I told him to get lost saying he was someone who was pretending to be Nawal.

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