‘it was in our luck’ that The Fog Part 3 fruitioned during our trip

when we got to chitwan it was so foggy. we hadn’t seen the sun the entire day and we were skeptic if we would get to see any animals in the forest next day. and so we kept asking everyone we met at sauraha – do you think we’ll see animals? it is so foggy!

we got only one answer for our one question – tyo ta tapai ko bhagya ko kura ho. IT IS IN YOUR LUCK!

from Mr. Yeah (our guide at Jungle Lagoon who said YEAHHHH after everything. we’ll go bird watching, yeaahhhh, we have tea then, yeaahhhh, we go see tharu culture show, yeaahhhh, we go elephant ride, yeahhhh…okay, yeahhhh) to our mahout to people in our jeep safari, fellow passengers in the bus, waiters…and thus the sentence stuck in our mouths through the entire trip.

It was in our luck, that we got to see lots of deer but no tigers.

It was in our luck, that we got the last seat of the bus on our way to Pokhara from Chitwan.

It was in our luck, that we got the front seat of the bus on our way to Kathmandu from Pokhara.

It was in our luck, that we got to see some cool cool vegetation of flora. hahaha

It was in our luck, that there was no light in our bathroom at Jungle Lagoon and we had tons of loadshedding.

It was in our luck, that we bumped into crazy and henceforth, potential characters for the thus envisioned/inspired million dollar movie ‘The Fog Part 3’ during our trip.

Previews will be available soon online. no kidding. we did a lot of filming. we also met zombies that we had to escape from…they were seriously following us EVERYWHERE in THE FOG. actually, i had never even heard of the movies The Fog..there’s a remake as well re, so we had to call ours ‘The Fog Part 3’.

Mandy is the director and camera person and well, she’ll send our preview, which we filmed while running from the zombies at the elephant breeding center one early morning, to HOLLYWOOD producers. And then we’ll get money to make a full fledged movie in SAURAHA.

We’ll have to wait for next winter since The Fog is one of the characters and we’ll have to wait for The Fog to come around. but interested folks who want to be a part of the movie…contact us later, when we have a contact email add. perhaps, we can have The Fog 3 featured at Guffadi’s KIFF as well. auditions are not necessary, if you are a horrible actor, you can be a zombie. It is in your luck to be whatever character you choose to be, LOL!

for instance, SARA SINGH (going by the pronunciation of his name)..one night at Jungle Lagoon (when we were the only three guest and the staff outnumbered us at 7), Sara singh got possessed by a zombie. He entered the room with a huge grin on his face and sat next to us, by the fire. Suddenly, he got up and began dancing and singing.

Sara singh is a bird watching

sara singh is a happy happy

sara singh is eating macarony

no kidding, he was hilarious. and he was probably high with zombie possession! Sara singh, however, is a true character. he exists at jungle lagoon. he used to be a farmer and his name was krishna chaudhary, but he changed it to ‘sara’ or ‘shera’ singh after he came into the ‘tourism business’. my cousin though he was singing about a girl, but later he was like ‘oh sara singh is my name’.

the people at jungle lagoon were very hospitable and they served us horrible lunch. thukpa with no noodles, can you imagine that. it was just vegetable soup and mandy’s ‘vegetable soup’ was like water with some brown colors in it. and our custard looked like rubber and tasted like rubber with bananas…so it was banana-flavored rubber.

the staff felt so guilty, actually, the real cook had gone home so some other wanna be cook was filling in for him. we stuck to nepali dal bhaat at night, which was YUM! but the jungle lagoon staff felt so horrible and so Mr Yeah was like: “we’ll have desert after dinner, yeaaahhhh.” AND our desert was apparently sitting by the fire and singing songs…them singing for us.

mr yeah took the madal and like an expert warmed the madal’s ends by the fire and then we all waited and watched for him to play and sing. He goes:

dhum, dhum, dhum, dhum both hands literally banging onto the madal, at the same time, with NO RHYTHM at all and he sings: resham phiriri resham phiriri.

so it was in our luck that MR Yeah, had no clue how to play the madal and sing, yeeaaaahhh!!!! Actually, Mandy who had learned some madal playing skills in amrica, played better than him.

anyways, so mr yeah who also is part of the preview of The Fog Part 3, will i think, eventually get rid of the zombies at the end of the movie by showing off his great madal playing skills and therefore blinding and deafening and killing zombies.



6 thoughts on “‘it was in our luck’ that The Fog Part 3 fruitioned during our trip

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post… you have captured the atmosphere very well….and i had a good laugh, exactly what i needed on a Saturday morning. Well done and keep writing! Looking forward to Fog Part 3 Review.

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