animals we came across

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Favier (made  my own spelling) is the dog that lives at Ajamvari farm in Gunjanagar, Chitwan. The farms is totally organic and promotes permaculture. Has been doing so for over a decade and a half now. It is run by a family. Subas, the son, was kind to show us around the pretty pineapple fields. Favier followed us everywhere.

the name of our elephant was mahakali, 28 years old. our mahout was 23 and he’s been with mahakali for 12 years.

the camels from rajasthan have been at sauraha for three years. the owner named them champa and chameli but the guy who took us around told us that their names is ThapMaya. They both have the same name, according to him, because they follow each other around and never walk by themselves. hmmm….we went around till the Gaida chowk and came back to the banks of Rapti.

ahh! Sim sim pani…that was the name of the horse of our tanga. and the owner (seen with his cowboy hat) has this rhyme that he uses while driving the cart. it was hilarious: sim sim pani bigargaya tera bani, tu hai beauty, parr tujhe nai karna hai duty. i asked him why he talked in hindi to his horse, even though her name is in nepali, he was like ‘oh because she’s from india’. even the guy would talk to the camels in hindi and the mahout also talked to mahakali in hindi.

into the chitwan national park, we saw this pretty bird perched with its wings widespread. tried to capture the pic as best as i could, but my hands weren’t so steady…these telelenses are so heavy. and so i got a better picture of the elephant’s butts than their faces. crocs and gharials (at the breeding center) and we were lucky to see three rhinos during the jeep safari. the elephant ride wasn’t that successful…we also saw lots of deer and rhino footprints. we also saw lots of rhino dung during the jeep ride..and peacocks too, they were everywhere. we saw a wild boar and a wild chicken too. hahahah

the last pic is of twin elephants and their mother. the babies are both male. this was at the breeding center. it’s the first time the center had twins.


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