chitwan was a blast!!!now in pokhara.

my sis, a friend and i are on this trip right now…we were in chitwan past two days, for a safari adventure, and currently at a cyber in pokhara. will be heading back to ktm tomorrow. :-)

so far, the journey’s been nothing but exciting and hilarious from the rubber like custard we got served at our hotel, Jungle Lagooon! to meeting a weird guy on the bus to chitwan from ktm…an english teacher from butwal. and not to mention, sara singh at Jungle Lagoon and the moment we got stuck in the middle of the chitwan national park because our guide (also from our hotel) didn’t bring our jeep’s entry we had to hang around the army’s camp and we had this old swiss dude taking pictures of us all the time. he was such a weirdo and so i snapped at him…stop taking pictures!!! he stopped talking to me. thankfully.

and so we saw rhinos, gharials, crocodiles, birds of all kinds…but no tigers…but it has been wonderful. and i will certainly fill in more details of the characters we’ve met…they need to be mentioned! esp. SARA SINGH, who entertained us at Jungle Lagoon.

with love, from chitwan and pokhara!


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