cold cold kathmandu

i was at teaching hospital yesterday morning, waiting on my aunt who was going through an operation.

‘at the end of the stairs’ was where we were instructed to wait…in case they needed supplies and medicines during the operation.

at the end of the stairs, was a whole group of kuruwas – ones who wait. families, friends, relatives…people waiting and watching at the telephone hanging on the wall in the corner….at the end of the stairs. HELLO came a voice from the other end…voices from the end of the stairs spoke out one after another HELLO HELLO HELLO. “ccu 5, icu 3…” went the list…the kuruwas were called up to fetch supplies.

it was cold, very cold as we sat on the gray foams laid at the end of the stairs, some had brought cardboard boxes to sit on…the woman next to me had been in the hospital for a month..her daughter has some nerve problems. it was a heartache for me to ask the details…she had this viridian green shawl wrapped around herself and she clung on to her knees. halla nagarnus tyaha basera…tyaha phone auncha..she said to the noisy lot at the end of the stairs.

i looked outside onto the unkempt garden and saw young men and women in their white lab coats..walking confidently through the paved path strewn with parag packets. and then one of the young men in the lab coat went ‘khwak thuk’ and spat onto the patch of overgrown grass.

it was bitter cold at the end of the stairs…but the nurses, doctors, guards, sweepers and the kuruwas are all there…carrying out their responsibilities. perhaps, cheerier nurses would have helped..some of them are just like bhat bhateni salespersons…rude, unhelpful and indifferent…

here’s a new of the Juddha marg…or now known as New Road.


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