website almost there…

well, i am surely excited, since my plan of some one and a half years will come into reality sometime next week.

seriously…scanning and taking pics of artworks is one tough job and i am not done photographing yet. and scanning is so so expensive here. they call it drum scan or sth…i didn’t do that. too much money and there’s only two drum scanners in town re so they charge so much. so if u want to start a business, get a drum scanner and make some dough. but generator pani chahincha which is harmful for the environment…


actually, the layout and everything for my website is done and i am so thankful to the people who did it. i am sorry but i forget the company’s name. Code sth in New Road. they did it for a reasonable rate…maile a shock bheteko when i found out ki website banauna ta 35,000 jati parcha bhanera. WHATTT!!! and mine is so simple…but they made mine for less than half of that..finally after searching for cheaper rates, i could afford it.

who knew? i would i have taken up IT too! hahaha…website banaudai…no way, i certainly don’t have the brains and patience to remember and type in loads and loads of instructions only for it to turn out into some simple looking page that looked like it didn’t needed that much work. but tyo pachadi admin ko kaam dherai huncha re…and since i needed a website where i could upload all my stuff whenever…and add many categories and sub categories…

anyways, so by end of next week, i should have at least two dozen images up. it will be in a more organized in listed in series. i’ll be posting my works from college, thesis works which are different than my sketches uploaded here.

now this is an ‘achievement’. :-)…well, after it’s done, it will be one.



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