25 years gone! EEEEKSSS

i really need to finish this assignment tonight, but it just seems impossible to write anything for work, when i just crossed my 25th year. and for some reason, all i see on facebook are wedding pictures of school friends or baby pictures of school friends…they’re first babies, thankfully. wheewww…(a sweat would have dropped from my forehead if it was summer..)

even so…

i think i have started to panic now. heck, i am 26!!! that’s a lot of years & hellow, things are knocking at my door.

masters kahile garne, bihe kahile garne, kahile settle garne, aba sochnu paryo ni, budi huna lagisakyo, baccha paune dhilo hola hai!!!

Ahhhhh! i need some air..not the one in that Nabil ATM at kichapokhari that stunk like a dead rat today. seriously, we held our breaths and held the door open with one hand, while taking out money with another hand. shucks! dude, clean those ATMs.

I haven’t even thought of what I am going to do tomorrow. Give me a break. I always think i need a break…a break from work, a break from school, a break from life! but then when that break begins, it’s over just like that…and then i get to thinking, hhmm..how did that break just fly by? did i do anything worthy of making a note in the-achievements-of-my- life-journal?

well, i got a long break coming ahead of me…that’s one reason i am panicking, already…and seriously, i have so so many things to do…like bungee, like go to janakpur, bhairahawa, lamjung, bardia and making lots and lots of Artworksss!…this is like high school all over again…

what are you going to do after A levels? apply for college, get into college, study more

what are you going to do for summer break? work under the table, intern, i don’t know

what are you going to do after graduation? i don’t know…try to get a job

now that you have a job, what are you going to do? apply for masters

what are you going to study? fine arts…

for some reason, people always hear FINANCE when i say FINE ARTS..and then they say…’arts…u mean like painting, sainting’…Then i say ‘Yes’ and then they ask ‘oh, so you paint? can i see your paintings…?’ and then i say ‘actually, i’m more into printmaking’, and they the say ‘what is that?’…hmmmm….so, i usually end the conversation at ‘Yes, i paint. I will have an exhibition in the new future’. This answer works, 80% of the time.

come to think of it, things never stopped knocking, did they?

In conclusion, i am not done wearing skirts and shorts and doing crazy hairdos, so marriage is really not on that list of things to do…in the near future.


4 thoughts on “25 years gone! EEEEKSSS

  1. “masters kahile garne, bihe kahile garne, kahile settle garne, aba sochnu paryo ni, budi huna lagisakyo, baccha paune dhilo hola hai!!!”


    Don’t ya worry read somewhere that 40s is the new 20s so you’re like just in you’re teens…….he!he!!

  2. Hi Kanchan, i really like the way you write! hmm about bihe kaile garne… my free advise would be to go for bihe before you cross 3 decades. suggested timeline (mid 2011-mid 2013 masters in USA; end 2013 fly back to the motherland; beginning 2014 bihe) he he.

  3. thank u for the free advise the country man! unfortunately, i won’t be going for masters this year, so ur plan ta ahile nai flop bhaisakyo. :-( 2014 ma bihe…whether i go or not for masters…let’s see. i might consider that. hahahaha. maybe i should visit an astrologer hai?

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