what the fuss over my ‘curly’ hair, hau?

sometime back, i took a picture of buddy’s ear. buddy is my maila baba’s dog, a cocker spaniel with long curly haired ears. his ears had just the kind of curls i wanted. well, i am serious. i don’t have my mobile ko photo download garne cable, or i would have put the photos here.

so anyways, after guff with sumina we both finally get time to make the curls happen asti sunday, january 2.

oh myan! it takes an entire day to get those curls. and my first suggestion would be not to curl or do anything that takes a long time at the parlor because it is freezing in winter to sit around with your hair wet with chemicals and the rollers pulling at your roots like crazy.

i have naturally straight and ‘silky’ hair, ya and so the lady at the parlor, whose name is anita, used these little rollers and oh my god, used all her might to roll my short hair around them. she kept saying, ‘la, dukhyo hola hai, maile yesto choto kapal kahile curl gareko chaina. tapai ko kapal kasto ramro thiyo…ma bhako bhaye gardina thiye..”

well i tell her that this shoulder length hair is long for me, since i had this wonderful ‘mohawk-gone-wrong’ look a year back, at this time.

i don’t like over smart beauty parlor ladies and over smart master jis of tailor shops. they never do what you want. extra buttons and unnecessary razor cut garidinchan.

curling was painful, but more than that it was COLD in that room full of mirrors and not a single heater and it so happened that load shedding pani tyeti khera nai hunu parne. but it was not as painful as getting that tattoo. oh hell, people who said it wouldn’t hurt LIED to me, BIG TIME. it hurt a lot. you know who you are..hmmm.

and so after around 4.5 hours, it was time to take out the curls. Chow chow pakyo re.

it was quite a shock.

at first she took out the front part and it was so curly that i think i looked like charlie brown – round face with a patch of curly hair in the front. and then ali ajhai nikale pachi, i looked so funny haina, i thought i looked like sachin tendular…well, the hair part only. uff, and so on..the rollers were taken off one by one. then i looked like the people in pirates of the Caribbean with their white curly wigs…like the court room ko wigs…old school type.

they washed my hair, which stunk like i don’t what. but sumina says the smell of dirty socks. we had to carry that smell on our hair for the next two days, until we did another ‘Treatment’. in total, costing me around Rs 2400 for all that which does  not include the hair accessories now i will indulge in, to get my ‘curls’ in order.

so, i can’t comb my hair now. well, i can and should only when it’s wet. that isn’t a big change. my own hair is so straight that rarely comb it. but i did have to buy a new comb with big big tooth so that my curls don’t get spoiled.

i was complaining at the parlor: harey, this is high maintenance! i have to buy mousse and all that.

and then this lady says: no, it isn’t. you just have to set your hair after taking shower. comb it and put mousse and then don’t hair dry it completely, sake samma (batti ta hunna k ko hair dry). don’t put mehendi coz it’ll take the curls away. don’t use too much mousse, coz hair will get dry. you can do treatment, but don’t do it too often…your hair will get dry, so put oil. BUT don’t put too much oil. just little little. kapal yaseri yaseri (demonstrating) milaunu parcha.

if that’s not HIGH maintenance, then what is it? i didn’t really mean money wise alone (that too) but the effort, oh myan. i’ll have to get up 15 minutes earlier now.

and guess what, these days they have the facility of DIGITAL curling re. with beauty parlors in every other lane and in the weirdest places, there’s all sort of hi-tech stuff. like the one we went to in kumari patti, had these weird rotating hair drying thing. and it was so bling bling: disco lights balne khale. uff. and there was this electric hat pani, that made you look like an alien from Mars Attack..extra brainy.

so, what did peeps say after the fact? here, i quote reactions of selectively individuals, whose remarks stood out:

peter sir at office: what did you do? did you put henna? when you come back I want to see that change.

he also commented on my eye brow piercing the other day: Why do you do this????

sanuba at home: kasle garna lagayo yesto? malai ta mann parena.

bikash karki dai at office: mind nagara..tara timilai…sth sth sth….i didn’t understand his sahitik version of mocking me..but in short he meant: timi lai bhoot jasto dekhiracha…mind nagara.

keshab at office: ho, kahile kahi change garnu parcha….

bijay at office: maile imagine gareko bhanda ta thikai dekhiracha. yo bhanda jhoor huncha bhanera socheko thiye.

prem dai at office (big fan of tendulkar): usko kapal le garda sachin le century hanyo.

sundar dai at office: kanchu ko kapal ko charcha bhairacha….hahahahaha

tapas dai at office: archana  ko yaad cha? tyo bhanda khattam dekhiracha.

notice that these are all comments by men. here’s what all the ladies had to say in general, at home and work:

oho, kasto ramro dekhyo; malai pani garna mann lagyo; katti time lagyo; ramro dekheko cha; loose curls bhayera ramro cha; kaha gareko…etc. etc.

in short: all good feedback, as opposed to the men who had weird expressions on their faces. but well, i did this for me and i am happy about it. i enjoy experimenting with my hair because i am moody and like changing my hairstyle. i have no patience to grow my hair too long…and i don’t like caring for it. i don’t mind cutting it short because hair will grow back.

and last but not the least, here’s what i told sumina, without worrying too much about the consequences of curling: ‘it’s not the hairstyle, it’s the attitude…i’ll make it work.” :-)


7 thoughts on “what the fuss over my ‘curly’ hair, hau?

  1. LOL!!! Well I am Nt Laughing at u Hair…..jst laughing as i read the bolg!!! i saw yr pics in FB ,hair looks …ummm….ummm… its looks Great on u!!! :-)

    • hahahha. k bhaneko? hahahahaha…i hope people in general like me..regardless of their sex. the general viewpoint of men at my hair was ‘uggh’ and the women were like ‘oh nice’. hahhahahahhaa…the perspectives are so distinct.. and to add on to that…my dear friend aabhushan said ‘what’s wrong with your hair? it looks curly’….

  2. Hehehe….. I also want ‘curly’ hair now… amrika ma kay bhanchan tee ‘Kaley’ dai haroo lay garney hair-eeestyle.. ‘Jerry Curl’ or something!… ani euta ‘Nepali’ Music video ma pani khelnoo parla! … ani the most ‘funniest’ comment chahi … ‘Why do you do this?’ … hahah.. St. Peter (dai!) lai nikkai chitta dhukey hola.. tyo peer-singh seer-singh lay! :)

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