beginning 2011 with EDER (ek din ek raaaaaat) and other nepali bloggers

when i am free and when i am lucky to be free when there is electricity at home, i like to peruse through other nepali bloggers ko blogs. reading their posts, somehow, makes me feel sane in this crazy city. thank u guffadi, runil, nepaliketi, shethinkstoherself, bijay, sumina, bibek and many many more friends and strangers…phew, it’s been a year since i started blogging too. YAY!!! :-)

i think i surprised my ama because i stayed home on new year’s eve. i don’t remember if i have ever stayed without doing anything on the eve for the past..hmm…don’t know how many years. we always had family dinners at thamel when i was a kid (when there used to be only one band playing in one lane…now it’s like craaazzzy..can’t even hear ur own voice. you should go to the restaurant next door to hear the live music instead)…. and then i went out with friends when i got past my teenagehood…but not this year. i decided to stay at home…AWAY from the newsroom, for once. (last year, was working past midnight on december 31!!!)

so i wanted to go watch suina karnali ko at gurukul (andre and dorin was such a lovely play!) but that didn’t happen since i was visiting relatives with ama at bhaisepati..ani tyaha pugera pharkinu nai katti berr lagcha ki, k bhanne hai..but i like the drive…but that place was ssooo cold.

instead of going to gurukul since we couldn’t make it for the 4:30 show, we booked two tickets for JNC or QFX as they like to call it now to watch Ek Din Ek Raat for 6:15.

ohooooooooo niiiiiiiiiiii! mero ta tauko dhukhyo bhaneko. u see, when i got out all i was thinking was ‘harey, kasle choryo mann was better’ since i had no expectations from that movie. but this one, harey harey.

i had written this before, after seeing the trailer, now i have to take my word back:

i was excited coz of the story line and coz of the cast.

A. it is a suspense thriller. c’mon you hardly get that in nepali flicks. all of them are prem kathas.

B. the characters are JOURNALISTS. c’mon, i have to watch this movie now. let’s see how well that play as reporters. (hehehe)

C. well it has anup baral, diya maskey, vinay shrestha and karma – all happening actors.

here’s the actual sum up, after watchin the movie:

good casting, good acting, good shots, good animation stuff, good songs, bad sound design and editing BUT worst was the storyline…

I SWEAR MYAN/WOMYAN! i wished that this movie was a freaking PREM KATHA at the end of it all!!! they could have made it into a nice prem katha between utsav and ichya…during the nissan van ride to that ghostly house..well, cut that ghostly house into a nice holiday manor. or sth like thyat.

ke ho myan. tyo beer khada guff garincha ni hawa taal ma. tyestai hawa guff ma story baneko jasto cha. actually, you don’t even have to come up with this storyline coz there are so many other hollywood bollywood movie with the very same  story: group of friends go on a trip and end up at a haunted house and are killed one by one.

well, they don’t all die in EDER… and well the motive of the journey was a different for this one too. AND OH MYAN, patrakar ko ta bejaatt nai ho bhanya. kaa bhut-soot…ko film khichna bhyayo bhanya tyo sabai bhagda bhagda. KYAAA HAUDE KYAA. ani lashta ma pheri tyo boss le chahi ‘you proved it re’.hahahahhahahahah…afai le chala ko gadi ko video chahi kasari khichyo ni tyo utsav ko character le. hahahaha.

uff ani, bhootni pani kasto typical kya. seto saree, lamo kapal (thankfully it was not white)…gauri malla looked SCARRY though (u see, all the acting was goood actually…just the story sucked). i am not a fan of horror flicks, gives me nightmares. but oh myan, people were laughing in the hall, when it was supposed to scare the shit out of u, at least tyehi thiyo hola intention ta…

uff uff uff. kya bore bhayo. k sochera gayeko k herera aye. harey, i wish the cast choose better films to play future ma..coz they do act well. at least, that’s good ni hoina? ani the animation was good too. not like that one film ko trailer where this man throws the baby in front of the truck and another one jumps to catch the baby. tyesko animation chahi khattrraaa thiyo hai. TV filmy ma hereko. I also listen to Radio Filmy. they give whole film on the radio. it’s so funny to listen to sholay on the radio. hahaahhahaahah.

aba pheri raj ballav  ko ‘swor’ bhanne filim audaicha ni. aba herum la tyo. ani k re ‘kaslai diu yo joban’ re. harey harey.


2 thoughts on “beginning 2011 with EDER (ek din ek raaaaaat) and other nepali bloggers

  1. Thanks a lot for the review, was intending to go for the movie….bt guess i have to skip it…..saw the review in the paper n thought may be this time its worth to go out for a nepali movie, guess thats not to happen!!.. he he…love the way to described it!!! :-)

  2. EDER .. ek din ek raaat… title shitle soonda nai haroom jasto taruh… aaj kal Nepali feelim haroo ma shooting pani khatara hoonchan rey, acting tuh jhan babaal rey… and like u said.. where is the @#$!ing story ni?

    Malai pani euta horror flick banaunoo mun laacha… kiss-candy ko…. seto saari, sabai bike-wallah lai attack sattack garney.. hehe.. feelim ko title chahi ‘Kill Bike-y!’

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