ruga le hairan

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so toilet paper sakyo, nose wipe garda garda. did a doodle on it.


4 thoughts on “ruga le hairan

  1. Kanchang, Is it true that girls cannot attend school if menstruating (even if by choice because of poor sanitation or lack of sanitary napkins)???
    Do most schools in Kathmandu have girl bathrooms?

  2. thank you guffadi…

    @ SBP: i am not sure if all schools in nepal have separate toilets. in my school they were, but i recently visited a college and they didn’t have separate toilets. schools in the capital kathmandu probably have separate…industry manufactured sanitary pads are only available in urban areas..there are a few nepal-made napkins but then they aren’t available in remote areas and of course, many women in villages aren’t even aware of sanitary napkins. in villages they use cotton pieces of cloth..way back women stayed in isolation..

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