hiking ko photo haru

so asti ko post ma i was gonna write about the hike, but tyo stationery ko photo take garda bhuliyo.

here are some photos from the hike.

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that dog followed our group from the gate of the park to the nagi gumba!!! no kidding! kya phurti bhako kukur..ani i think the sad part going downhill was when the hike was filled with limestone and baluwa khaneko places.

you know, for some reason i thought baluwas were manufactured. that’s stupid. but shivapuri has a lot of sand and u can see chunks of the hills missing at intervals…people have been sacking up the sand up here for construction now taking place at all edges of the Valley. and then there are big rocks missing in the landscape or are in the process of being cut into smalls pieces, also for construction.

walking downhill to nagi gumba from the top was a tough one. the bato, because its sand mostly, has been cut deep my monsoon rains and you have to be very careful walking down. tyo ant ko lagi ta thulo thulo gorge haru jasto huncha hola…that bato. the little girl walking with me katti ladyo ladyo. i was scared that she would break a leg or sth, but she would get right up after a fall and dust her hands and jeans off and then walk again. :-) some encouragement there. but her Vans jutta were definitely not make for the hike.

walking through the forest was a treat but yes, it was all freaking uphill! but it was so pretty, with the sunlight coming in through the canopy of branches and leaves. and that made it all (the pain, the dust) worthwhile. oh yes, the food at the gumba too was yummy or maybe i was just really hungry.


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