desert boots!!!

had to write this, after the comment in the post below! thank you, Runil! :-P

so i got featured in sumina’s style blog for my DESERT BOOTS! ehhehhehehehe

check them out here:

hey so sumina and i (she more than i) get around town hunting for clothes and shoes time and again. our tastes are so ‘eclectic’ ki k bhanne! hahahahah. just kidding. so we have been dying..well that’s exaggerating but YES, we are dying to get some real good Oxfords that FIT our feet! and we found this store at lainchaur but it was like 4000 plus for a pair, that too on sale. that was a way too heavy on our pockets, brothers n sisters…we hear there is a very good cobbler in kathmandu who can make them. we are going to find him soooon.

anyways, mauka payeko bela ma bahira bata jutta magaunu parcha but my priority is always SKETCH BOOK!

ani so sanuba was goin to US of A and i requested (so did my cousin sister) for some boat shoes but then brother chose the wonderful desert boots instead.

ani so i got home after office, expecting sketch book from my pal in US and shoes from sanuba, and then batti gayo thyakkai. ani i went to my room, put my bag on the floor. and then,  i literally screamed when i saw the shoes in the dim candle light sitting on my table, waiting for MEEEE!

when i got those shoes i was so so so elated haina. i hugged it and put in on my cheeks! And my ama said, “aba jutta liyerai sute pani huncha.” (every word is true hai pheri, not making it up).

i thought to myself, i’ll wear these only once a week, pheri kathmandu ko bato ma jutta ko halat k hune ho. sumina will tell you her sorrows of how many broken SOLES she’s had, only this year. tsk tsk tsk…but we share the pain kya. mero pani euta ta bhachiyo. and she likes to blame it on the roads of Kantipuri nagari, which are so adventurous.

but i couldn’t resist, so i wore the boots four days in a row…till yesterday. but aba converse ma switch garnu paryo kehi din ko lagi. jutta lai pani rest chahincha ni hoina…ani today pheri is half-day bandha. tanna hidne kaam cha. ka desert boots lai dukha dine hoina?

anyways, dhanyabad to sumina (not sumnima or other weird spellings) for featuring those wonderful shoes. as for the sketch book i was waiting for, it bounced back in the mail re. so sathi will send it with another didi who is coming to nepal re.

i am waiting for that now. :-) and for some moleskines (hopefully) from bangalore.


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