my stationery stuff.

i am very possessive of my stationery supplies and i confess to being a collector and freak of stationery products, but not everything of course. these mostly pertain to art, so i should say my art supplies.

so i was up at the shivapuri hills on saturday…HIKING..for like SIX hours (and my legs are still sore, so if you see a girl wearing a maroon woolen hat who walks somewhat like a penguin with her legs turned in…around sundhara area..that would be me.)

to keep the hiking thing short – we started at the shivapuri-nagarjun park’s gate and went up through the jungles to the top of the hill and then came down to the Nagi gumba and then went another way winding down (from where we could see gokarna and sundarijal) and then finally came to this village in the narayansthan area. WHEW. and GUESS WHAT? all of this was supposed to be a BIRD WATCHING hike and while i had the binoculars hanging around my neck all the time, i saw ONE bird – julfi jureli. there were like 150 people in this hike. so much noise, probably the leopards too ran away.

but so i got this nigalo branch on the way…someone had already cut it so it would be perfect to draw with. i put the dried branch in my bag.

the other morning, i decided to use it. and i wrote the following in my sketch book and took a picture.

and then i got crazy and began taking pictures of my pencil/pen holders which are empty achar bottles. i also tend to buy a lot of achar.

this one is where i put my reed pens and my calligraphy set and paintbrushes for ink. some where in  there is also a dumsi ko kada, i got that from mr hem sagar baral, an ornithologist…i.e. bird expert re.  (why do they have such fancy words, eh?)…oh yeah, and those reed pens..some of them are from manuj babu mishra. i love the reeds…there are absolutely wonderful to draw with.




this one was a gift. the pen holder i mean. it holds only pens and lead pencils. and well i don’t know what  the  brush (i use it only for brushing out eraser ko dhulo when i draw :-P) and that scissor is doing  there,  though. note: most of the pens in this one don’t really work or i just don’t use them. they were  gifts, you  see.



this particular pen holder is hamro college radio ko. i bought it when i was a first year student at mt  holyoke college. the only club i was involved in and fully committed to was the radio and i was an RJ  for  four years. i miss radio now.

but this one holds ONLY pencils, those you can sharpen. and yes, that hello kitty color pencil/note  lekhne is gift from my dear friend. also this has the BLADE. u see…hahahahah. i have a sharpener too  but  blade is useful to pencil tasne. reminds me of when i was a student in India. we used to take out the  blades  of the sharpener, usually natraj ko phalam walla ko, and sharpen our pencils ‘manually’. hahaha

now, even i am exhausted writing all this. this one holds only SKETCH PENS and markers. and some  glitter bhako pen. the markers are mostly steadler walla which i get from ekta books at thapathali. i  stopped buying more coz they don’t last too long and besides, i don’t use that much color.




okay then, i went to talk pictures of my tower of tapes – clear tape, masking tape, the blue artist’s tape  which my friend in the states sent me a few weeks back, coz i can’t get them here, and then there’s  more  inside that tower. smaller cello tapes. hahaha. and then well, the inks i have (don’t really use  them all)  and yes my glue stick. my ruler in the back and ear buds…well those are for the ears, really. below the  ear buds is a box of crayons and above it is a ball of wool – i knit sometimes, but never get  anything  completed. besides, i can only knit straight. no fancy stuff. i was in a knitting club too, only  for a short  while..though. i made squares for blankets for flood victims.


this is the last one, i swear (actually, i had felt the urge to start photographing my other drawer full of  art stuff…my stuff is all over the place in the house. on the roof, on the window sills, under the table, in  drawers, book shelfs…what not…but i had to stop myself from going nuts.)

this one has the green pencil holder that i carry with me in my bag, wherever i go. i took it on the hike  as well. that one has a basic set of pens of different colors, pencil, lead, black ink pens. and then there’s  my inherited box of color pencils (used those for the kharel sketch for nepali keti’s blog).

and then by sharpie sketch pens and bic markers. the sketch pens  are in a pencil box for which i had a fight with my brother as a kid. we both wanted it. but he was really sweet and even brought it to the US and gave it to me while i was in college. the sharpies are a gift from my dear friend, who also gave me the hello kitty color note pad.

and then oh yeah, the bic markers have a story too…you know, i had this grand vision of making graffiti for my final thesis in art. i was angry that day, i don’t know why but i went and bought this 25 dollar set (which i could have spent on paint instead) for RETAIL THERAPY. hahaha. and so i thought, i am going to make small graffiti like sketches in my book first and then paint them big and long horizontally like the walls of kathmandu, that are filled with slogans. THAT…hmmm…never happened. but well, i carried the bic markers home and they hang on my wall. i use them sometimes.


One thought on “my stationery stuff.

  1. wow, trek yeah !!! that to to shivapuri, now that reminds me of annual trek we used to have back when we were in BNKS.. i am surprised that u olny got nigalo branch on the way back… u know what we used to get when we finished our trek at the end of the day -a broom (kucho) . n thats true , there used to broom plants all over those area n then we use to pick them as we go n at the end use to have a ready made broom !!!that was for our cubicle …hehehe.. better luck next time :-)
    miss the laupates n the waterfall it has the most amazing view frm there , if u have the pics post it up .thanks!!!

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