totally unnecessary

i don’t understand the lack of people’s civic sense in Nepal. some of them at least.

i was at the ongoing event at the basantapur durbar square on refugees and their problems by UNHCR…well, that in itself is another thing to talk about…..but here’s the thing. there are huge posters and photographs all around and the square is vibrant with art installations (not all of which work for me, though). but someone went and scribbled ‘i love katrina kaif’ on one of the flexes which shows refugees…whoever did that, what is your problem??? i really don’t get it.

last night i was looking at the installation by sunita and sanjeev and i was worried that someone would steal the bags hanging from the wires, since people have been stealing the green plastic bins placed around the city by KMC. well, that didn’t happen, but this is even worse…what is the point of scribbling ‘I AM VAMPIRE’ on a t-shirt that reads ‘I want to go home.’ seriously???

Someone wrote ‘Go to hell all fuckers’ on one of the t-shirts (in Ramesh Maharjan’s installation called Refugee voices) and then a little boy was copying the same thing word to word, on the same t-shirt.

yes, the installations are there for people to participate in, but not to write inappropriate and obscene stuff like ‘fuck me’ on them. what is the problem with our society? if you can’t empathize with the situation, keep your hands tied to yourself. yes everyone has a right to speak, write, etc. but neither do people have the right to offend others.

for instance, in a recent photo of a major daily english (not republica..or else i would have said so, not saying that our news are any better sometimes)…two deaf students were talking to each other in sign language at an art exhibition in NAFA. and the kicker for the photo read (kicker is the title, which is followed by the caption..newsroom language) “WHEN WORDS MEAN NOTHING”.  i was so enraged that morning, not because i really want to learn sign language and haven’t been able to continue classes but because that was totally unnecessary..that particular kicker was downright offensive.

what the heck does that mean? when words mean nothing…the nepali sign language has its own words and we, those who can hear, are fortunate to know so many words, when they have to do communicate with each other within the given estimated number of 6000 words. because they can’t hear, doesn’t not mean that can’t communicate and that they don’t know words or their meanings. they can write and read as well as any person who can hear.


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