haina bhanya, horn bajayera kehi hunna kya!

i don’t see the point in people on their bikes and in their gadis honking their horns when there is a traffic jam. why do we lack common sense and patience? haina bhanya, kasle chahi jani jani traffic jam garcha bhanya?? ? well…there are those idiots too..but i am talking about like the major road traffics…such as tripureshwor, thapathali, nag pokhari, lazimpat, chabil, battisputali…well, they’re all over…k garne bhannu paryo (like jiggy dai).

as it is there are too many vehicles on the road and the roads are small and there are some who don’t listen to the traffic police, they think they are over smart or what? why can’t you just listen or pay attention and follow rules? specially bikers. over take garera garera, pavement pani baki rakhenan. hami jasto pedestrain lai ta thau dinu ni…aja ta mero tauko dukhyo.

i walked half way to pulchowk to avoid tripureshwor traffic. got on a micro at kupondole and went swinging on the bar…it was almost like that. and this guy’s pilastic byag was crushing my head. i got dizzy for a moment, coz my eyes weren’t really looking through my glasses and when that happens, i get disoriented. i see half the world through the glasses and half out of them. i.e. half clear, half blur. that gives me bad headache. ani pharkinda pani, i had to walk from tripureshwor back to sundhara. ani tyo euta bato katna malai five minutes lagyo. and HELLO! i was at the freaking ZEBRA CROSSING.

mero ta kaannnai khancha. if i ever need a brain surgery, i will just have to stand at the crossroad of chabil and my skull will explode on its own. but i wouldn’t want to fix a camera on my skull though..like this artist who recently did so..at the back of his head. he calls it the 3rd I. brother, i am lucky to have both eyes, i don’t want a digital one mounted at the back of my head. and well, there is that saying…don’t look back! hahaha..or Oasis singing…don’t look back in anger, i heard you say.

asti when i was driving (i admit i drive stimes, but only because i had to give the gadi to ama..but i don’t use the horn as liberally, i let people cross the road and i drive slowly), this gadi behind me went on honking at me from bishalnagar to nagpokhari! FOR WHAT? i wanted to get out of the car and yell at him. STOP HONKING. there is no space for you to overtake and i am definitely not honking at the car in front of me, because i know there is another car in front of that one, and in front of that one…and in front of that one! That’s why we have traffic jams. and you honking you horn is not going to make the cars rise up in the air and make way for you, unless you were like a transformers walla gadi.

So, please kindly save your batteries and stop honking your horns. or just don’t drive, if you don’t have the patience. if you are too classy to take a micro or a bus, get a taxi or just walk it. you’ll reach faster anyways.

hahahah…so after i wrote this and was on my way home, i saw this gadi…tyo suv types wala…with a transformers sticker on the back….WEIRD. well, it didn’t fly or change into megatron or whatever tron..hahahaha..or optimus prime etc etc….oh yeah…this one’s the hero wala ko side..kyare…


3 thoughts on “haina bhanya, horn bajayera kehi hunna kya!

  1. Hmmm…

    Third para:
    “…got on a micro at kupondole and went swinging on the bar…”
    ok-ay. I am not judging… But it’s good to see nepalis becoming so progressive…

    Third para last line:
    “i was a the freaking ZEBRA CROSSING”
    so. You’re not only a zebra, but ‘the freaking ZEBRA CROSSING’… I am awed. :P

    “if i ever need a brain surgery, i will have to stand at the crossroad of chabil and my skull will explode on its own”
    Umm I don’t think they go around exploding skulls in a brain surgery….

    Haha. But on a serious note, I understand this better than anyone… I have to take a tempo from Naya Baneshwar to frikkin; Gwarko TWICE everyday. IT’s soooo dusty, and sooo noisy, and sooo irritating. I’ve fallen sick seven times in the four months since I started the route… Tara, k garne… If I drove, I definitely would.

    • hahaha. i meant that i got on the micro and was holding on to a bar..was sort of swinging back and forth, trying to not lose my grip, for i might fall out of the door…or did i understand you wrong? hahahaha.

      i meant that i was at the zebra crossing…typo there. hahahaha. “save the zebras and the people on them”- i read that somewhere on a photograph in facebook.

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