micro bus blues and Newton’s third law of motion

For the past one week, i have been thinking of Newton’s third law of motion.

While I was enjoying the view of the cramped microbus from the corner seat of the last row (it’s good that i live nearer to the last stop, thus always ensuring a good seat for myself), I began thinking of all the pushing and pulling. Now I have had experiences of ‘squantanding’ (standing + squatting at the same time) in other routes. Someone’s foot on my toe. Someone’s arm over my head. Really not sure where to hold and what to hold on to. And then, when they hit the brakes..it’s terrible.

And that’s when i thought of the law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


I was thinking how all the forces inside the micro bus…of people, bags, shoes, air…..i don’t know. everything i guess…are reacting in an equal and opposite reaction to the actions…hahahaha. You could achieve equilibrium with the right amount of force applied at the right place and not have to hold on to anything but be held by the crowd inside the van, which could mean that you could be held at a squantanding position too. You know a keystone holds the arch, that’s coz they all push each other and therefore hold each other. hmmm…

I actually, don’t get much of it myself. I just copied the formula from Wikipedia, to make myself appear smart.

on that note, let me reveal a rather funny fact. I didn’t know that the acceleration of the earth (g) is always 9.80665 m/s2 (32.1740 ft/s2). I had no idea that i had to replace the ‘a’ with the ‘g’ when you had a question with the ball being thrown up in the air. you are asked to find the time it takes to fall down or the distance it has traveled. the smartass or dumbass that i was, i used to skip the question and write “THIS QUESTION IS WRONG” or not attempt it. I seriously thought that they forgot to tell me the acceleration. but hey, i was already supposed to know that. And so i found out that i was in the darkness all along until i reached a levels. I even skipped the question in SLC, send ups and what nots. Uff, harey. no wonder, i feared physics. now, biology was much better. chemistry..ma ni no interest.

but to continue with the micro bus blues story. this woman gets into the micro at rnac or nac. i am sitting in the first row with the legs turned out (you know). and then this woman puts all her stuff on me, which i don’t mind at all.

she fumbles with her purse and she yells out loud, “harey, mero mobile choridecha…kasto rahecha…harey harey….paisa pani..bahira kholti ma thiyo..micro chadda jhikecha..harey, tyo chor micro bhitra cha hola…”

and then the guy opposite to me suggests “bistarai bolnus na, aba mobile off garisakyo hola…(he points at me since i am holding my mobile in my hand) bahini lai number bhannus ta…tapaiko.” i say, yes yes give me your number.

she says, “malai mero number yaad chaina…!!!”

by this time, we were passing durbarmarg and the one who stole her mobile has already switched it off. only few minutes prior to this, there was a crowd gathering at shahid gate…pocketmarrr, pocketmarr…sth sth sth..i was already in the micro.

we are all trying to help but she doesn’t know her number and then takes out this tiny notebook from her purse and goes through it. “ee yaha cha…,” she shows me a number. i think it’s hers…but no, it was her bhauju’s. she was asking me to call her to ask her number. complicated. but the bhauju didn’t pick up, and we were nearing naxal. she gave me another number, this time the guy on the other end picked up and she asked him to call her. but to no avail, the mobile had been switched off.

in between all of this, she was constantly cursing. “tyesko paanch wata aula bhachiyos, tyesko haat kirale khaidiyos…tyo jabo dui hajar ko mobile bechera pani tyeslai pugne hoina…paisa pani lagecha…satari rupiya…kasto chor raicha..mircro bhada bhanera chutta ko…aba ma sanga dus rupiya matra cha…khalasi le liye lincha…tyo chor yehi bhitra cha…police thana ma gayera ma checking garauna sakchu….harey, tyesko haat ma ta kira paros…” (the driver who was listening all the time, didn’t comment)

and passengers were getting on and off, all of them were curious about her curses…the woman sitting next to the guy opposite to me was enlightening new passengers…”pyacket mardiyo k.”

and so aunty ji got off at dhalku. it was sad as i gave her her stuff. i could have been of help, but she didn’t remember her number.

in another trip to pulchowk, there was a plump bajai (anyone who has white hair is automatically ama or baju..i guess) sitting on the front row. she was taking the space of two customers, according to the khalasi and the driver. at the thapathali jam, they requested her to move next to the driver’s seat, but she refused and then the quarrel ensued. myan, it was byad.

bajai not wanting to budge, saying i am moti, k garne ta. sabai dublo kaha huncha ta. and then the khalasi saying ‘tapai agadi basnu bhayo bhane tyaha dui jana bascha. hamro bhada uthcha…” and so on and so forth. the phucche driver got so mad that he nearly threw us over the bagmati bridge……sachhi bhanya. i was so scared, i was going to get off, but bajai got off at kupondole and it was fine then…what a day of micro bus blues.


One thought on “micro bus blues and Newton’s third law of motion

  1. had similar experience……money one stolen from a mahila’s purse …..we all in the micro realized that one of mahila with a baccha stole her money(she was sitting next to her ) ………who got off early before her intended stop…then the mahila who had lost her money stopped the micro n went in search of the other mahila….

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