my ‘Hiv Positive’ t-shirt

people read my t-shirt and then stare at my face. it reads in huge letters: HIV POSITIVE.

the ‘V’ in hiv is fading away, because i have had this t-shirt for nearly two years and i wear it often, not just when it’s World Aids day i.e. dec 1 i.e. today.

i’d like to ask what the stranger might be thinking as he/she looks at me, but then hey it’s good enough that they are thinking.

well, i don’t have hiv/aids, but you have to see the expressions of these people. i find it interesting. since, now that i have a piercing on my right eye brow they must think i really am a delinquent of some sort. you know how the image is, around here. but then, the whole point is that anyone can be hiv positive. we shouldn’t be creating stereotypes and those who are hiv positive need the support.

(i read a news about a woman with leprosy some time back…her own daughter kicked her out of the house and put her in the cow shed and throws chapatis at a dog. where does all this cruelty and discrimination come from? like the news i saw this morning on how women and dalits aren’t allowed to enter this temple of Chintang Jalpadevi (DEVI) to worship her. if they do, it is said that the devi will get angry…yes we have myths and traditions…that debate will never end though..)

anyways, i wanted to keep this short, but i went on rambling.

i like my t-shirt is what i wanted to write.

the t-shirt is not supposed to change much but just make people think…i know that few probably give it a thought, though…some don’t even notice it and some can’t read it…some read it and then are at least bothered by it…but i can’t save the world and neither can i cure hiv/aids…


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