dancing foxes, envelopes and more

so i was trying to make dancing foxes, but they turned out to be weird.

it is not fun being attacked by three pillos all at once. and the one on my neck is    too painful to bear. i have my neck wrapped up in a shawl so that i can lean my  head on it. if i stretch my neck, the pillo hurts a lot. and so i have to keep it  lopsided…to the left. i will definitely make a comic out of this, coz i feel like  one…and people in my house are laughing about it. now, i have a hot water bag  on  my shoulder. don’t ask me how i am managing to type.

i just had to post this silly drawing i made few hours back…it was a romantic  session under the candle light, with my bamboo pens, paintbrushes and pencils and crayons. i  like to keep it basic. i think i realize that i am more of a drawing person than a  painting one. somehow, my motivation to take out my easel (which i bought for  like Rs 6000! and that’s how many plates of momos????) and my canvas and oils,  has gone out the window. i know i love to  paint, but i am temporarily out of it.

i have been collecting envelopes instead. i get so many invitations to what not events at work and others get them too. envelopes end up in the bin. so i started collecting them to use them for collages. i have also been collecting news…news that appall me, that are stupid, that are sad, that are so heartless…working in the newsroom makes one too objective at times. everything becomes a piece of news…you start to think in columns and paragraphs. you start to write in template like sentences that lack any emotion whatsoever…that’s why i began collecting news in my sketchbook. things i come across in republica, in other local papers, on the internet, in magazines…

perhaps, these will become a series in the future. i am working on it, slowly…one envelope at a time.

(maybe, i need to add a disco ball in that drawing…)


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