ek din ek raat

i was going to write about this but then i forgot. i was at the launch of the upcoming nepali movie ‘ek din ek raat’ on november 15, 2010 (i checked the date on the pictures i took). this was one of the privileges i got for being a patrakar in kathmandu. i told my friend, with whom i went, that would follow this movie and blog about it. and then he said, “oh, like lex limbu.” hmmm….

but that’s not the point. i saw the trailer of this movie some weeks back while i was watching TV Filmy with my grandmother (mind you, she also watches lots of news and will know about earthquake in some part of the world before i do..and i am one who’s supposed to be the ‘reporter’).

i was excited coz of the story line and coz of the cast.

A. it is a suspense thriller. c’mon you hardly get that in nepali flicks. all of them are prem kathas.

B. the characters are JOURNALISTS. c’mon, i have to watch this movie now. let’s see how well that play as reporters. (hehehe)

C. well it has anup baral, diya maskey, vinay shrestha and karma – all happening actors.

i went to watch anup baral’s dasdhunga. but my friends will tell you that i didn’t watch most of it and i will say that that is quarter percent true, because due to unknown circumstances, i vomited in the restroom of jai nepal at halftime. i do blame quarter of it on the crazy background scores and spinning scenes. quarter on the horrible first row seat, since we got there late and the hall was houseful. (Now, why does that happen to me? even kasle choryo mero mann was houseful.)

so the singers sang some of the songs from the film. i thought they weren’t that bad at all. and hey, i found out later that i was sitting next to the animator of the film. i am curious about what kind of animations they have in the film now.

one part of real weird..which i didn’t really get…or it was like a bad spoof.

so we were sitting and waiting for the program to begin, which was late by like an hour (nothing new by nepali standards). and then, the lights go out. and everyone lets out a ‘sigh’ …..’uff batti gayo’

and then diya maskey pops her head out of this window and yells. someone runs up the stairs screaming some combination of words and then anup baral shows up on stage with a mic and laughs into it ‘HA HA HA HA’.

and in my mind i was going, “someone get rid of the echo in the soundboard.” i absolutely don’t like echos and reverbs, unless it’s in a justin bieber or enrique iglesias song.

(hey, mind you, i was in my college tech team for three years. i speak from quite a chunk of experience of working for, concerts and cultural events and conferences and so on.)

and then baral says (he’s wearing his waistcoat as usual), “sth sth sth…(i can’t remember, you know unexpected khale in nepali…)…”

anyways, that was supposed to give the gist of the movie, but i really didn’t get it. anyhow, i am still eagerly waiting for the movie to come out. till then…HA HA HA HA


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