“Aloo Paratha with Michelangelo at Bishalnagar”

Of course, I didn’t literally eat aloo paratha with ‘the’ Michelangelo at Bishalnagar today. Like when I say ‘Chagall’s coming to town’…it’s  not him (coz he’s dead) but his works that are coming to town…but when the artist is celebrated and lived on by his works…you just say that…hmmm…u know how they say ‘oh, it’s a form of expression..’

I was at a small khaja khane thau with my friend. This pasal of course has lovely aloo parathas and they will not empty your wallet..and good achar. But I didn’t eat those today, since  I had had my share of rotis at home. The nice thing is that the pasal has arty stuff on its walls and the people who tore out some art magazines and pasted them on the wall, don’t even probably know who Michelangelo was/is.

Who would care about the Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect,…etc, anyways? But a reproduction of his painting is still, nonetheless, up on that wall. And I had to get up on the bench to take a picture of it.

The random pages on the walls are dusty and the plywood I lean against is totally unreliable, but I love the room. Like this hotel I went to recently, nearby Teaching Hospital. They had some nice paintings there…unfortunately, tyo artist ‘bidesh gaisakyo re’.

and so that was it. “aloo paratha with Michelangelo at Bishalnagar”


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