heeeyyyyy……kasle choryo mero mann?

lessons for today:

1. never underestimate the popularity of a Nepali movie, especially if you are one of those who think that they are crap.

2. you can be late to a Nepali movie and still get the story.

waking up at 7:30 am to watch Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel’s ‘Kasle choryo mero mann’ is a feat in itself…well, for me..given that it is my wonderful one and only day off.

as usual, we were late but this time, we missed quite a chunk of the movie’s beginning. no worries though. the bigger worry was that we got balcony tickets but hello the theater (this time it was Namo at GK 7) was HOUSEFULL!

euta matra seat cha says the guy with the torch light. yo filim ko lagi yestai ho. bees jana jati ta bhuima baschan.

there were three of us and only ONE seat in the entire hall. Why did they sell us the tickets in the first place? Anyways, the movie was in the middle of a song and clearly, we had to watch it….

dai, huncha hami bhui ma baschau. And WALLLAH!!! the guy goes and gets us torn cardboards to sit on! hahahahaha. they are quite prepared, huh?

so, as the guy behind me kept shifting his leg, we sat on the steps from 8:45 ish till 10:30 ish…and watched the movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. this time the hootings were quite special..can’t seem to recall any right now. but they were quite hilarious — people making loud comments. some getting up to dance too.

oh one was when i said chyaa k luga lagako hola (rekha thapa with this dhaka topi which had three ‘cheese balls’ stuck on to it…sth like that) and some guy in the dark replied ramri cha, jasto lagayeni ramro dekhcha...there was another one when a guy shouted rukh le balatkar garyo when a tree fell on the heroine.

anyways, aryan sigdel should really really get rid of the white belt he wears in every single movie. and should seriously stop wearing t-shirts that are clearly small for him. showing his hairy navel as he leans against a rock and sings is not cool.

check out the posters.


additional poster…just for fun:

check out the CARS!


One thought on “heeeyyyyy……kasle choryo mero mann?

  1. wow!!! waking up at 7 30 to go off for a nepali movie!!! its been ages since i have gone to watch a nepali movie….if u think the hooting at the movies are something try to sit through a football match at the dasrath ragasala …even better in an international match in which nepal is playing.now the hooting at these place are ……(i dont even have a word for it)…
    which reminds me i do need to go off for a nepali movie”bato muni ko phool”

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