micro bus ma

yesterday, there was a chirpy little kid sitting on her father’s lap next to me in the micro bus. she kept asking funny questions about things she saw out the window. the micro bus stopped at jamal. to the right, next to the traffic island, an armed police force truck was parked. some of them were standing outside with their guns. a whole lot of them were still in the vehicle.

the kid let out a huge gasp, as she pointed out the window, “aaaabuiiiii, aaaabuuiiii.”

in my mind, i was thinking that she must have gotten freaked out by the sight of the guns (what are they? ak-47 s…my knowledge is zero when it comes to ballistics). anyways, i was wrong.

she continued, “baba, baba tyo hernus na…tyo police ko truck pachadi. tyo naag jasto k ho? kasto darr lagdo.”

she was pointing at the statue, atop a pedestal, on the island…which is actually a shankha, i believe.

uff….we’re really desensitized to violence.


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