hey, aren’t we ‘customers’ too?

On friday, at Bhaktapur, we waited for the waiter to bring us menus. It took them quite a while. It was a breakfast one and so we asked for the lunch. Then we waited again. They didn’t come to take our order when we could see them sitting around right next door.

I get up and go inside. I place the menu on their table and turned around and one of the smart ass waiter retorts, still sitting, “K bho?”

I turn around and because I look ‘oh-soo-chinese’ (with my short bangs and small eyes), he says courteously, “Yes, maam?”

WELL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your gracious service ‘The Cafe Nyatapola Restaurant’ where they don’t even have MOMO on the menu. Hey, isn’t that discrimination again, when it is universal that Nepalis will eat momos wherever and whenever? OR they must have forgotten to write that theirs is a ‘WHITE LOOKING TOURISTS ONLY’ venue.

It reminds me of when two of my colleagues approached Nepali Chulo for our Dashain menu special. They made it clear that they only served ‘white customers’ and well, they wanted big publicity. Hello! what do you want more than a freaking two page center spread (for free) and all you have to do is COOK the damn food. But oh no, they DON’T have Dashain food. Then we are sorry to know that you aren’t a very nice ‘Nepali’ chulo.

What is up with Nepali restaurants discriminating Nepali customers. What makes us less worthy customers when we too are paying for the food and 10% service charge and 13% VAT? Aren’t they, the owners and waiters, Nepalis too? Aren’t we contributing to their salaries and profits?

It is infuriating to repeatedly beg for the damn pepper at Roadhouse (I love their pizza). Just coz a hoard of expats come there, doesn’t mean that we can’t go there.

And so, I appreciated the restaurant at Shiva Guest House in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. They were nice to us and henceforth, I also left a tip.



3 thoughts on “hey, aren’t we ‘customers’ too?

  1. I knowww, right? Mmm, maybe I should go for a ‘Sting Mission’ to one of those places with cameras and hidden microphones and all and EXPOSE the bastards… Pfft… Internal tourism ra indian pani tourist hunchha bhanne concept nai chhaina, katti people laii >:(

  2. …this is how the people in the hospitality industry behave with Nepali tourists. I still remember some hoteliers in Namche Bazaar refusing room for us (about eight Nepalis) during the peak season some six years ago. They didn’t give us room even though we repeatedly told them we will pay their standard rates. I don’t they’ve changed. And they keep talking about promoting domestic tourism. Bullshit!!

  3. and to add. yesterday, at a restaurant in thamel (we were four girls) they really made us wait for our food while the foreign customers. who came later than us, were being served promptly.

    oh but that’s nothing. we are accustomed to waiting. read this…

    as we eat, our ‘achar’ gets taken away. the waiter says ‘tyo kuire lai achar chahiyo’ and hurriedly swoops it off of our table. he comes back and replaces us with one bowl of momo ko achar. there were three sauces initially which all was given to the kuire mama, sitting across from us.


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