This past weekend, I have had revelations on two things:

1. pimples

2. spitting ability of nepali men

Beginning with the latter, I escaped a narrow spit ball while walking around in New Road recently. It came hurling at me from, as usual, I don’t know where and landed a few millimeters next to my left foot. I let out a disgusting ‘ewww!’ but when I turned around to see the perpetrator, I only saw people’s backs walking away from me. Where the heck did it land from?

Only a day back, I had heard that awful sound of ‘khakar’ on my way to work. This guy, standing on the sidewalk, drew in that long ‘khwak’ but he didn’t ‘thoo’, coz he realized that he had a mask on. You get the picture.

On buses, micro buses, taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, pedestrians…nepali men love to spit without any bit of shame. As much as it disgusts me every time, I actually began to think of  something else. Where the hell does all that spit come from? Someone has to do a scientific investigation on this. If I try to spit out so much of saliva from my mouth i.e. every five minutes or so, I believe I will dehydrate and faint.


And oh god. How I have never hated pimples this much? And it isn’t about pimples. It is about ‘a’ pimple that found a place in my left nostril. (yeah, yeah…i know the Nepali myth about why that happens sometimes…). It started hurting me but I never thought it would go to such lengths to torture me.

Past 8 pm at work, my mouth starts swelling. Laughing is painful. I can’t yawn. Now that’s a curse for someone who is always feeling sleepy. I take a painkiller to bed. I wake up in the morning today, and damn…my whole left cheek, above my left zygomatic bone, is swollen. Right from my chin to under my eyes.

I sip my tea slowly and head to the bansidhar pharmacy. The guy asks me to sit on a tattered chair in the back and takes a torch (from what looks like the end of one of those ball point pens with ‘laser’ beams) and points the blue light into my nose.

Tapaiko pimple le garda nai ho bahini.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Give me a break.

He gives me medicines to sukaune the pimple and painkillers. But I am thankful, that it is not a ‘pillo’ I was fearing so much.

Even so, I have a swollen face which makes me seem like I am very pissed off. I feel like a pouting goldfish. I can’t eat properly, let alone chew properly. I ate dinner with chopsticks last night (imagine what a daunting task it was to pick up the rice grains), because it didn’t require me to open my mouth too much. I drank tea with a straw today and I can’t talk for too long. But that’s an advantage, I think…since I am the kind of person who will put on a pair of headphones, even when I am not listening to anything, so that people won’t talk to me. Hmmm…that was supposed to be a secret though.

To give a nice ending to this entry, I would like to quote my ama.

“It’ll have to run its course, you can’t do anything about it.”



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