there is time for everything

As horribly as it has been spray painted, these words gave me a sigh of relief when i read them. Under the overhead bridge at Ratnapark, where graffiti and political slogans have taken its toll, were the words : ‘There is time for everything’.

And yes, there is.

I don’t want to be emotional in my blog, but then aren’t you supposed to write what you feel? And how often do we really do that? We always try to put on a face that reads ‘i’m okay, i’m happy, i’m strong’ but really, the combination of the three are rare visitors in our lives.

And so there are times of happiness and sadness, of heartaches and misgivings, of reconciliations and forgiveness, of pain and joy. And in one life, we will face it all.

This will be the only senti-flat entry i will ever write. Just a reminder to myself that ‘there is time for everything.’


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