Letter to Sanu

I am so glad that you have started to write. I love reading monologues that are honest and are about the everydays of life…that escape our minds because we are so caught up in trying to catch that bus or train (in your case).
Kathmandu is a strange city. I have been home for nearly a year now and this city drives me crazy. It scares me. It makes me unhappy. It is cruel. It is dirty. But the little joys that it gives me, helps me overlook all of that. After all, this is where I was born and raised. This city defines me.
A micro bus ride home at 7 pm is terrorizing. The push and pull of dozens of bodies of strangers – someone’s hand might just slip off of that nailed strap, which used to be a seat belt, and fall out of the speeding van. It is a crazy scene and yet there is solace in it – that all of us are trying to get back home to have dinner with our families.
The walls of Kathmandu are a mess – from political slogans in dripping paints to lame ‘Fuck’ graffitis (what is the fascination with the word? lame imitations…) The latest of movie posters on the wall in front of the Police Headquarters and right behind the Ganesh Mandir – ‘The Flash Back: Pharkera Herda’ dominates. A poster with an extreme close up of the hero n heroine kissing, awkwardly, currently stretches across the city.
I was shocked and embarrassed for the first few days – i felt awkward walking past them (but it did make me go to the cinema and watch the movie with friends…a whole different story to blog about someday.) But yesterday, I passed by the same street and the posters had been ripped off, right where the lips of the ‘hero heroine’ were locked. Everything else is intact.
This is Kathmandu. More often that not, it is immoral. Yet, it is not always asleep.
And so Sanu….
Yes, I have many times, gone up to the roof of my house to take a moment with the stars. I dance to myself in the dark because I feel like it. I sing to myself because no one will judge. I sway with the zephyr on the ledge because it makes me feel free. And in the darkness, there may not be light in the city, but the stars – they are always there.
Never stop dreaming…
and don’t stop writing.

5 thoughts on “Letter to Sanu

  1. KG,

    I love love lovee your letter. Made me think about Kathmandu a lot and miss it much. I feel like many cities are alike in many many ways, though they all have their differences hola. Its almost illogical to compare KTM to NYC, but I constantly have the urge to and I find many similarities, as funny as it may sound.

    I’m glad I’m writing too. Kind of helps de-stress. Things get so terribly busy with work and I have no time but to come home and hopefully write, or read stuff that people you know right about. And you are so articulate man. Your writing sounds so romantic. Sensuous, almost. Keep it up, keep it up. I’ll follow you :)

  2. isn’t it odd that the mandirs with xxx-rated forms are okay, but posters of a seriously awkward lip-lock is torn?

    not that i think it’s not weird. because IT IS WEIRD TO see a full out make out in ktm (more than nyc, and i think your friend up there is right on about actually being able to compare ktm to nyc – both have more in common than not) … but i don’t get where the double standard comes from.

    then again, there’s something sensual and possibly poetically beautiful about the sculptures that adorn patan mandir and positively discomforting to see about kollywood trying to act like they feel normal just making out like that for a poster.

    anyway, 50 words to say nothing…. =]

  3. that reminds me of my indian classical dance teacher (back in the states). i had an argument with her about the nudity of statues in Hindu temples and she said they were like that because ‘it pleases the gods.’ Women in S-shaped Tribhangi postures, wearing skimpy see through blouses with the wet look. Devdasis who dedicated their lives to dance for the gods – different dances in the morning, noon and night…’one must look pretty for the gods!’ Her voice still echoes in my head. No wonder, fairness creams have distorted the definition of beauty.


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