i was at a hospital’s pathology lab yesterday. My cousin needed to do get his blood checked up. We waited in the queue.

There were two girls at the desk. One was shuffling through envelopes to find a misplaced report (the patient was complaining) and the other was–for the heaven of all things–looking for her pen, while she held one in her hand.

“Where is my pen? I think I dropped it in the canteen. I can’t find it. It was right here. I don’t like this one.”

While, the patients were patiently waiting in line, she searched the table, the floor,  the adjacent room, and her nil-dyed lab coat pockets. But to no avail.

Anxious patients waiting for their turns. Wondering what the test results are going to show. And here was this freaking girl looking for her damn pen. ARGGGGHHHHH!!!


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