KGB is a dot in Kathmandu, Nepal.

(at the moment, studying and temporarily living in Göteborg, Sweden)

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    1. hello,

      I am an amateur blogger…. u might not know me… of course u dont know me… but that’s what blogs are built for. Sharing your feelings with the million strangers out there. I came across your blog and read two three articles. They were really nice. I too noticed a list of blogroll on right side. There were blogs from amateur blogger to pro blogger like Lexlimbu. I wud really appreciate if you’d put mine in your blog roll too. It’s like u’ve created a blogger family & i too wanna be part of it.




  1. I have been reading your art news in myrepublica.com and I thoroughly enjoy your write ups. By profession I am a software engineer. As a pet project I have been working on website to promote Nepali arts and personnel related to art field like artists and writers since 2007. The site has grown up slowly and now is in solid shape.

    One of the main aim of artsofnepal.com is to produce more art writers and critics which you know is null in the context of Nepali art scenario. At present, there are very few writer like you and Ujjwala Maharjan who write frequently in this field. We would like to discuss with you how we can work with art writers to promote Nepali artworks, artists and writers as well. How artsofnepal.com can act as a common platform to produce more art writers? We know content is the king in the web(Internet) and promotion of art is not possible without art writers like you. We request you to get involved in this project and provide us your invaluable suggestion and make this project a success.

    You can write back to us at craftyhand@gmail.com

    You can visit our site at http://www.artsofnepal.com . I have included few of your write ups that appeared in myrepublica.com without your permission. Sorry for violating copy rights.

  2. seems lik nepaiketi = you :) any way just a thought but you guys seems to be friends
    any way i think nepali keti was the first to enter inside among u r friends

    1. hello krantikarki bhai…nice to find another fellow nepali blogger. :-) but i believe that there is no such thing as a ‘qualified’ blogger. good luck for your SLC results. come to think of it, it’s been 10 years since i took that test. i was at biratnagar last year, twice. i went to dharan once and the next time i went up to dhankuta. next time, i’d like to go beyond. :-) i’ve heard of basantapur and hile.

      1. Thank you so much for adding my blog in your blogroll, I also added your blog in mine. I am really appreciative of your support. I aim to add short fiction in my blog. Writing short stories really takes time, but hopefully I’ll have one out in a few days. I hope you will continue giving me your precious support as I am having pretty low traffic and the blog is still in its infancy:)

  3. HI,

    I left a comment in one of your recent posts! and now when I check my stats page, it shows plenty of references to that particular page!
    Please take a look at my blog http://opinionsum.blogspot.com/ and u feel like it could fit into your blog roll,please put it there! It would be a major boost to my site !


  4. i bet most of blog views is by CIA or MI6(oho james bond) had to put this joke sorry you know kgb russia something something

    1. Dear Shuv!
      Thank you so much for visiting. You got a wonderful blog yourself. Was completely immersed reading your posts the other day! :-) Adding you to my blogroll. – kgb

  5. Hey there! Very glad to have come across your blog. I enjoyed going through your posts. And your works, they are quite wonderful! Looking forward to more posts and artworks. :)

    Best, K

    1. Hi K! Thank you for reading and enjoying! You have some coooool drawings yourself! and words. :-) I will add your website to my blogroll. – K!

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